Dale L Jones and Company

Saturday, February 10th - 2018

9:00AM Sharp!

Location: Performance Auction Park
2007 SE 3rd Street - Aledo, IL

Preview Dates:
Thursday, February 8th - 9AM - 5PM
Friday, February 9th - 9AM - 5PM

Selling in catalog order.
Guns sell first & throughout the day, so be on time!

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Auctioneers Note: This is our winter firearms and sporting equipment auction. We have a very nice offering from collectors, estates and individuals. If you have firearms to sell, this is typically the strongest market of the year, so call us today to consign your firearms, ammo, ATV's, boats, utility vehicles and other outdoor and sporting equipment. Make plans to attend this auction!

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2015 John Deere Gator 825i 4x4 Utility Vehicle - Factory Cab, New Front Tires, 7789 mi; 794 hrs, new drive belt, new battery fall 2016, One Owner - EXCELLENT CONDITION;
Yamaha G-1 Gas Powered Golf Cart - Runs Good;

Duracraft 15ft. 1970's flat bottom boat W/ 25 Hp Evinrude & Trolling Motor & Trailer
2012 Kohler Beavertail Command Pro 27 Mud Motor - Electric Start, Approx. 25 Hrs On Motor

Black Powder 20 GA Cane Gun;
Remington Genesis .50 Cal Black Powder Rifle W/ Pursuit Xl 3x9x40 Scope;
Thompson Omega Stainless .50 Cal Black Powder Rifle W/ Scope;
Thompson Center Omega .
50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle W/ BSA Huntsman Scope
Thompson Center Fire 50 Cal Black Powder Rifle W/ Nikon Omega Scope - S4961 In Original Box W/ Percussion Caps & Bullets
Knight Lk- 93 .50cal Black Powder Rifle W/ Simmons 2.5x20 Scope - S/N S107527
Conneticut Valley Arms Mountain Stalker .50 Cal Black Powder Rifle - S/N 817810
Cigar Box Of Muzzle Loader Supplies  
(4) Boxes Various Muzzle Loader Balls

Colt Model 40 Diamond Back .38 Cal Revolver;
Colt SAA .38wcf Cal Revolver;
Ruger 22/45 Mark Iii Target Model .22 LR Cal Pistol W/ Box & Extra Mag;
Browning BDA .380 Cal Pistol W/ 2 Mags;
Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Cal Revolver W/ Leather Holster;
Uberti Cattleman Single Action .22LR Cal Revolver;
Beistegui Bros .32-20 LR Cal Revolver W/ Leather Holster;
Colt 1911 .45 ACP Nickle Plated Pistol W/ Leather Holster;
Iver Johnson Target Sealed 8 .22 Cal Revolver;
Beretta Model 76 .22 LR Cal Target Pistol;
Sig Sauer P220 9mm Auto Pistol W/ Laser Sight;
Smith & Wesson Model 57 .41 Magnum Cal Revolver W/ Holster;
Ruger Silver Eagle .22LR Caliber Pistol W/ Case, Extra Mag & Gun Lock;
Beretta Model U22 .22LR Cal Pistol W/ Case;
Sig Sauer P226 .40 Cal Auto Pistol W/ Laser Sight, Case, Extrs Mag & Papers – NIB;
Browning Buck Mark .22LR Cal Auto Pistol - Very Nice;
Springfield Model XD9 9mm Auto Pistol W/ Case, 2 Extra Mags & Accessories;
Glisenti Brescia 10.35mm Revolver;
Remington Rand M1911 .45 ACP Pistol;
Essex Arms .45 ACP Pistol W/ Colt Slide;
Stevens Favorite Model 1915 .22lr Cal Single Shot Rifle;
Thompson Auto Ordinance .45 ACP Pistol;
Colt 1909 .45 Long Colt Cal Revolver;
Colt Government Model .38 Super Cal Pistol W/ Box, Extra Mag – NIB;
Colt Model 1991A1 Series 80 .45 ACP Pistol W/ Box, Extra Mag;
H&R .32 Cal 5 Shot Revolver;
Colt 1911 .45 ACP Pistol W/ Nickle Finish & Stag Grips;
Smith & Wesson Model 17-4 .22 LR Cal Revolver;
Colt Single Action Army .357 Magnum Revolver;
Hi-Point Model JHP .45 Acp Pistol;
Colt Trooper Mark III .357 Magnum Revolver W/ 2 Speed Loaders;
Lorcin Model L380 .380 Cal Pistol – NIB;
H&R .32 S&W Cal 5 Shot Revolver W/ Nickle Finish & Pearl Grips;
H&R Auto Ejecting .32 S&W Cal 6 Shot Revolver;
Liberty .32 Cal Revolver;
Raven Arms Model P-25 .25 ACP Pistol – NIB;
Springfield Armory XD-40 .40 S&W Cal Pistol - Like New;
Springfield Armory XD-9 9mm Pistol – NIB;
Llama .32 ACP Pistol;
Ruger Single Six .22 Cal Revolver W/ .22 Mag Cylinder;
Glock Gen 4 .40 Cal Pistol – NIB;
Iver Johnson .32 Cal Hammerless Pocket Revolver W/ Pearl Grips;
Hi Standard Model 8 .22 LR Cal Pistol; 
Smith & Wesson Model 10-8 .38 Special Revolver W/ Custom Grips; 
Detonics Mark IV Series 70 .45 ACP Pistol; 
Colt First Model Detective Special .38 Special Cal Revolver; 
Rohm Model RG10 .22 Cal Revolver W/ Holster; 
Smith & Wesson Model 19-3 .357 Magnum Revolver; 
Colt Series 80 M1991A1 .45 ACP Cal Pistol; 
Caspian Custom Built 1911 .45 ACP Pistol W/ Custom Grips; 
Israel Industries Desert Eagle .44 Mag Auto Pistol; 
Intratec Model Tec-9 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol; 
Colt Single Action .45 Cal Revolver W/ Custom Grips; 
Sig-Sauer Model 1911 .45 ACP Pistol W/ Box & Accessories; 
Beretta Model 96D .40 Cal Pistol; 
Smith & Wesson Model MP40 Shield .40 Cal Semi Automatic Pistol; 
Bond Arms Defender .357 Magnum Two Shot Pistol – NIB; 
Smith & Wesson Model MP40C .40 Cal Pistol – NIB;
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Pistol - W/ 2 Mags - S/N LEK7522
The American .38 Cal Double Action Revolver - No S/N
Etna #2 .32 Cal Revolver - S/N 8408
Iver Johnson .32 Cal Revolver - S/N 75884
Smith & Wesson .32 Cal Revolver - S/N 12610
High Standard Sport King .22lr Cal Pistol W/ Leather Holster - S/N 398751
Boston Bulldog .22 Short Cal Revolver - No S/N
Jc Higgins Model 90 .22 Cal. Revolver W/ Leather Cowboy Holster & Ammo Belt - S/N 583992
Colt New Service 38 W.C.F. Cal Revolver W/ Leather Holster & Ammo Belt - S/N 6024


Browning Super Posed 20ga Over/Under Double Barrel Vent Rib Shotgun;
Mossberg Model 500 12ga Vent Rib Pump Shotgun;
Drake 12ga Double Barrel Shotgun; Brasiiera Single Shot .410 Shotgun;
Mossberg Model 835 12ga Pump Shotgun;
Marlin Model 90 12ga Over-Under Double Barrel Shotgun;
Remington Sportsman 870 12ga Magnum Vent Rib Shotgun;
Browning "Twenty" 20ga Vent Rib Shotgun;
Browning A5 20ga Vent Rib Shotgun;
Winchester Model 1200 20ga Vent Rib Shotgun;
Baikal Model 12h-27 Over-Under 12ga Double Barrel Shotgun;
Century International Arms Centurion Over-Under 12ga Shotgun;
Browning A5 Light 12 12ga Shotgun W/ Tasco Scope;
Remington 1100 20ga Shotgun W/ Scope Mounts;
Bridge Gun Works 12ga Double Barrel Shotgun For Parts;
Stevens Model 5100 12ga Side By Side Double Barrel Shotgun;
Savage Westpoint Model 167 12ga Shotgun;
Mossberg Model 835 Ulti-Mag 12ga Vent Rib Shotgun W/ Extra Slug Barrel;
Hi Standard Field Classic 12ga Vent Rib Pump Shotgun;
T Barker 12ga Side By Side Double Barrel Shotgun For Parts Or Wall Hanger;
Charles Daly Field Model 20ga Vent Rib Shotgun;
JC Higgins Model 20 12ga Pump Shotgun;
Excel Single Shot 12ga Shotgun;
Springfield Model 1929 Single Shot .410ga Shotgun;
Remington Wingmaster 870 Magnum 12ga Shotgun;
Stevens Model 620 12ga Shotgun;
Winchester Model 12 12ga Pump Shotgun W/ Weaver K15-1 Scope;
Remington Lw 1100 20ga Shotgun;
Western Field Model M148 16ga Bolt Action Shotgun;
Stevens Model 5100 12ga Side By Side Double Barrel Shotgun;
Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12ga Shotgun;
Remington Model 29 12ga Pump Shotgun;
Springfield Single Shot 12ga Shotgun;
Springfield Model 94a Single Shot 20ga Shotgun;
Browning Bt-99 Single Shot 12ga Vent Rib Shotgun W/ Padded Hard Case;
Browning Light Twelve 12ga Auto Vent Rib Shotgun;
Remington 1100 Ducks Unlimited Model 12ga Shotgun;
Browning Auto 5 12ga Shotgun – NIB;
Winchester Model NWTF 12ga Auto Shotgun – NIB;
Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag 12ga Pump Shotgun – NIB;
Sentinel Arms 12ga Auto Shotgun - Like New In Box;
Stevens Single Shot .410 Ga Shotgun; Diamond Arms Single Shot .410ga Shotgun;
Meteor Belgium Made 10ga Double Barrel Shotgun;
American Gun Co 16ga Double Barrel Shotgun;
Remington 1187 Sportsman Field 20ga Vent Rib Shotgun W/ Box – NIB;
JC Higgins Model 583 16ga Bolt Action Shotgun;
Stevens Model 77f 12ga Pump Shotgun;
Remington 870 Express Super Magnum 12ga Pump Shotgun;
Mossberg Model 500 20ga Vent Rib Pump Shotgun;
Armalite 12ga Auto Shotgun;
Boito Brazil Over/Under 12ga Vent Rib Double Barrel Shotgun; 
Remington Model 1100 12ga Auto Shotgun; 
Chinese Norinco Model 97 12ga Riot Shotgun; 
Winchester Super X Model 1 12ga Vent Rib Auto Shotgun; 
Smith & Wesson Model 1000A 12ga Auto Shotgun;
American Tactical Grand Vizar 12ga Pump Shotgun - 3" Chamber - No Visible S/N
Champion Single Shot 12ga Shotgun - No S/N
Browning 12 Ga. Magnum Vent Rib Shotgun W/ Sling & Slug Barrel - S/N 86067
Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12 Ga Vent Rib Shotgun - 2-3/4 Chamber, Mod. Choke, S/N 371174412
Coast To Coast Mastermag Model CC880 20ga Shotgun W/ 24" Slugster Barrel - Pump Action, 2-3/4" & 3" With Mod Choke 2-3/4" & 3" Vent Rib Barrel  S/N G917915
Jc Higgins Model 58322 20 Ga. Shotgun - Bolt Action, Full Choke, No S/N
Stevens 12 Ga Shotgun – No S/N
Remington 12 Ga Shotgun - S/N 38401
The Meriden Firearms Co. 12 Ga Shotgun - S/N 69723
O.F. Mossberg & Sons Model 190kb 16 Ga Shotgun – No S/N
Remington Sportsman 58 12ga Shotgun - S/N 46333V
H. S. B & Co. Rev-O-Noc Side By Side Double Barrel 12 Ga. Shotgun - No S/N


Sako Forester L579 .243 Heavy Barrel Rifle W/ Bipod;
Remington Model 788 .222 Cal Rifle W/ Scope Bases;
Browning FN Safari 30-06 Cal Rifle;
Rossi Model R308 .308 Win Cal Single Shot Rifle W/ Hawke Sport Hd3-9x50 Scope;
SKS Chinese 7.62mm Rifle W/ Bayonet & Sling;
Sporterized Mauser 30-06 Rifle W/ Kassnar Scope;
Anschutz Model 1517 .17 HMR Cal Rifle W/ Scope Mounts;
Sako Deluxe Model L461 .223 Cal Rifle W/ Scope Mounts;
Norinco SKS 7.62x39 Cal Rifle;
Savage Mark I Target Left Handed .22 Cal Rifle W/ BSA Scope;
Remington Model 700 .17rem Cal Rifle W/ Bushnell Trophy 3x9 Scope;
Winchester Model 70 Sa .308 Cal Rifle W/ Scope Mounts;
Norinco SKS 7.62x39 Cal Rifle W/ Synthetic Stock;
Ruger Ranch Rifle .222 Cal Carbine W/ BSA Ge3 9x40 Ir Scope;
Remington Model 12-Cs .22 Rem Special Cal Rifle;
Savage Model 25 .223 Cal Rifle W/ Scope Mounts - Like New;
Unknown 36 Cal Percussion Rifle;
Iver Johnson Model X .22 S,L Or LR Cal Bolt Action Single Shot Rifle;
Winchester Ranger 30-30 Lever Action Rifle;
Gamo Nitro Venom Dusk .177 Cal Pellet Rifle W/ Scope;
Marlin Original Golden Model 39a .22 S, L, & LR Cal Lever Action Rifle;
Winchester Model 670 .225 Cal Rifle W/ Bushnell 4-12 Scope;
Montana Rifle Co Model 1999 .308 Win Cal Rifle W/ Redfield 3x9 Scope;
Henry .22 Mag Cal Lever Action Rifle W/ Redfield 2x-7x Scope;
Marlin Model 93 .32 HPS Cal Lever Action Rifle;
Winchester Model 1892 .25-20 WCF Cal Lever Action Rifle;
Savage Axis .22-250 Rem Cal Rifle – NIB;
Savage Model 93r17 .17hmr Cal Rifle W/ Bushnell Scope & Original Box;
Winchester Model 70 Sa .223 Cal Rifle W/ Bushnell Scope;
Oregon Arms Chipmunk .22 S, L  LR Cal Rifle W/ Original Box;
Sako .222 Cal Bolt Action Rifle W/ Scope Mounts;
H&R Handi Rifle .243win Cal Single Shot Rifle W/ 3x9x40 Scope;
W.E. Hrauch .22 Cal Single Shot Rifle;
Weatherby Vanguard .22-250 Cal Bolt Action Rifle W/ Scope Mounts;
Stevens .22 S,L, LR Cal Bolt Action Rifle;
Remington Model 12c .22 S, L, LR Cal Pump Action Rifle;
Winchester Model 1885 .22 LR Cal Single Shot Rifle W/ Old Fecker Target Scope;
Remington .32 Cal Single Shot Rifle;
Remington Model 12a .22 S, L, LR Cal Pump Action Rifle;
Winchester Model 1890 .22 WRF Cal Rifle;
Custom Mauser .270 Cal Rifle W/ Redfield 2x7 Scope;
Rock River Arms Ar15 5.56mm Rifle W/ Scope;
Marlin Model 97 .22 Cal Lever Action Rifle;
Marlin 30-30 Cal Lever Action Saddle Ring Carbine;
Remington .22 S, L, LR Cal Pump Action Rifle;
Henry .22 Cal Lever Action Carbine – NIB;
Remington .22 S Or L Cal Single Shot Rifle;
Winchester Model 1890 .22wrf Cal Pump Action Rifle;
Winchester Model 1892 .38 WCF Cal Saddle Ring Carbine;
Winchester Model 60 Single Shot .22 Cal Rifle;
Marlin Model 1892 Lever Action Rifle;
Marlin Model 97 Lever Action .22 Cal Rifle;
Thompson Center Venture .243 Cal Rifle W/ Scope Mounts & Box – NIB;
Winchester 30-30 Carbine Canadian Centennial '67 Rifle W/ Box – NIB;
Del-Ton Dti-15 5.56 Mm Carbine A/R – NIB;
Winchester Model 190 .22 Auto Rifle;
Marlin Glenfield .22 Auto Rifle W/ Scope;
Mossberg Model 46m  .22 Cal Bolt Action Rifle W/ Nice LD Mossberg Scope;
Winchester Model 94 30-30 Cal Rifle;
European Single Shot .22 Cal Rifle; 
Remington Model 12a .22 LH Pump Rifle; 
Winchester Model 06 .22 Cal Pump Rifle; 
Remington Model 597 .22lR Cal Semi Automatic Rifle W/ Bipod & BSA 3-9 Scope; 
Rossi Si
ngle Shot .243 Cal Rifle W/ 3-8 Scope; 
Century Arms .308 Cal Sporter Rifle W/ Hard Case;
Waffenfabrik Steyr Chile Modelo 1912-61 7.62Nato Cal Rifle - Numbers Match - S/N C6213
Japanese Arisaka Type 38 6.5mm Rifle W/ Full Unstruck Mum - Tokyo Arsenal – S/N 37175
Winchester Model 1873 32 Cal Rifle - w/ Dust Cover - S/N 122360A
Empire State Arms Co. 12 Ga Single Shot Rifle - S/N 27763
Stevens Crack Shot - 26 .22 Lr Cal Single Shot Rifle - No S/N
Mossberg Model 142-A .22 S/Lr Cal Bolt Action Rifle - No S/N
Winchester Model 60 .22 S/L/Lr Cal Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle - No S/N
Ruger Carbine .44 Mag Cal W/ Scope Mounts - S/N 100-22331
Ruger Model 10/22 Carbine .22LR W/ Weaver V22-A Scope - S/N 112-91427
G.R.  B.S.A. Co. 2 1917 Mk Iii .303 British Cal Rifle - S/N F92351
Winchester Model 94 30-30 Cal Carbine - Lever Action, S/N 4156739
Stevens Model 15 .22 Cal Rifle - Nsn


Savage Model 24 .22/.410 Combination Gun;
Braztech Combination Gun W/ Rossi .410 Barrel & Rossi .22 LR Cal Barrel;
Braztech Model S20 Combination Gun W/ Rossi 20ga Barrel & Rossi .22 LR Barrel;
Savage Model 24S-A .22 Win Mag / 20ga Combination Gun;
Stevens .22-.410 Combination Gun; 
Savage Model 24SA .22LR - 20ga Combination Gun;
Savage Model 24J-DL .22lr/20ga Combo Gun - 3" Chamber,  No S/N

Benjamin Trail Np .22 Cal Pellet Rifle W/ 4x Scope - S/N N10x00678 – FFL Transfer Required;
Gamo Nitro Venom Dusk .177 Cal Pellet Rifle W/ Scope, S/N D11x01511;

The Hahn Super Bb Repeater Gas Powered Rifle 
Crossman Model 760-D .177 Cal Pellet / Bb Repeater - S/N 900120420
Crossman 160 Pellgun .22 Cal. Pellet Gun    Bolt Action, S/N 600252
Daisey 880 Pellet / Bb Gun

Browning 4" Lock Blade Knife W/ Browning Leather Holster;
Kabar Stag Handled #1185 2 Blade Pocket Knife W/ Leather Holster;
Remington Stag Handled 2 Blade Pocket Knife W/ Leather Holster;
Buck #102 3 1/2" Fixed Blade Knife W/ Leather Sheath;
Randall Stag Handle 5 1/2" Fixed Blade Knife W/ Leather Sheath;
Case Xx 5" Fixed Blade Stag Handle Knife W/ Leather Sheath;
Cutco #1763 4 3/4" Fixed Blade Knife W/ Leather Sheath;
Hoffritz German Stainless 6" Stag Handle Knife W/ Leather Sheath;
New Allen High Mesa Skinning Knife & Compact Saw;
New Allen High Mesa Skinning Knife & Compact Saw;
Wk Skinning Knife & Valor Fixed Blade Knife W/ Leather Sheath;
Harley Davidson Franklin Mint Collector Pocket Knife - One Blade;
Mobile Gas Single Blade Pocket Knife;
Franklin Mint Collector Oriental Single Blade Pocket Knife;
July 1964 Playboy 2 Blade Pocket Knife;
American Eagle Single Lock Blade Pocket Knife;
Stone River NRA 3" Lock Blade Pocket Knife
Buck #728 Whitetail Deer Knife W/ Sheath & Presentation Box - Appears New - 4" Blade
Marbles Sport Bone Fixed Blade Knife W/ Leather Sheath & Box - Appears New - 3 3/4" Blade
Winchester Fixed Blade Knife W/ Canvas Sheath
North American Hunting Club 2 Knife Set W/ Canvas Sheath
Winchester Fixed Blade Knife W/ Canvas Sheath
Old Timer Fixed Blade Knife W/ Leather Sheath
Guidesman Lock Blade Pocket Knife
(2) NWTF Lock Blade Knives


Burris 4x12x42 800 Yd Laser Scope W/ Box;
Leupold Vari-X 3x9 Compact Scope;
Leupold Vari-X 2-7 Scope W/ Mounting Rings;
Nikon Pro Staff 3x9 Scope W/ Mounting Rings;
Redfield Battle Zone 3x9 Scope W/ Bullet Drop Compensator;
Bushnell Trophy 3x9 Scope W/ Mounting Rings;
Luminated 2.5-10 Scope W/ Mounting Rings;
Leupold Vari-X 9x9 Efr Scope W/ Mounting Rings;
Pentax Game Seeker 3x9x40 Scope W/ Mounting Rings;
Bushnell Trophy 1x11 Power Scope;
Pursuit X1 1x30 Power Scope – NIB;
Leupold M8 4x Scope;
Bushnell Sportview 4x32 Scope;
(2) Browning Bda .380 Cal Mags;
Colt 1911 Ace .22 Cal Conversion Kit;
Walther P38 "Ac 43" 9mm Steel Frame Parts Gun;
Remington Model 1100 12ga Vent Rib Barrel Only;
Moultrie M-550 Digital Game Camera;
Vintage .22 Cal Montgomery Ward Rifle Cleaning Rod;
Set Of Sile Model 411 Sturm Ruger Pistol Grips W/ Box;
Group Of Various Gun Stocks;
Set Of Wood Pistol Grips;
Set Of Sturm Ruger Convertible Single Six Pistol Grips;
Plano Tool Box;
Bay State Shotgun Receiver, & Wr Davis & Sons Double Barrel Receiver;
Outers Gun Blue Kit;
Sight Mark Ultra Shot Qd Reflex Sight W/ Digital Switch;
Hogue Grips For Colt Python  "I" Frame Pistol;
Simmons Model 21010 & Unmarked Vintage Scopes  
Hastings Paradox 12ga 22" Shotgun Barrel Only - Made In France
Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga Vent Rib 27" Barrel Only - 2 3/4" Chamber, Modified Choke
Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga Vent Rib 25" Barrel Only - 2 3/4" Chamber, Improved Cylinder
Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga Vent Rib 34" Barrel Only - 2 3/4" Chamber, Full Choke
Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga Vent Rib 29" Barrel Only - 2 3/4" Chamber, Full Choke
Japanese Cut Rifle Stock
Ruger 10/22 Scope Mount W/ Screws 
Viking Handmade Leather Holster & Ammo Belt
Stack-On 24 Gun Water & Fire Resistant Gun Safe W/ Electronic Combo
Flambeau Black Plastic Long Gun Hardcase
Selsi  Mini Spotting Scope
Remington 870 Wingmaster Wood Forearm - New        
Mixson Black Leather Pistol Holster
(2) 20rd Ruger Mini 14 Mags W/ Canvas Holster   
(3) 20rd Ruger Mini 14 Mags - One Is Nib
(2) 20 Rd M-14 Or M1a Mags      
(2) 50rd Colt Ar-A5 9mm Or Uzzi Mags 
(2) 30rd Ruger Mini 14 Mags W/ Canvas Holster
(2) 32rd Ar-15 9mm Mags
10 Gun Cabinet W/ Lock & Key
7 Gun Cabinet W/ Lock & Key


Bulk Lot Of Muzzle Loading Supplies;
Leather Black Powder Shooter's Possibles Bag;
Palco Aluminum Mess Kit;
Herter's Model 93 Micro Accurate Powder Hopper & Dispenser;
Herter's Super Model 3 Reloading Press & Dies;
New Rcbs Uniflow Powder Measure W/ Box;
New Rcbs Model 5-0-5 Reloading Scale;
Tin Powder Flask;
(3) Hodgdon H335 Rifle Powder;
Hodgdon Hs-6 Pistol/Shotgun Powder;
(2) Accurate 2700 Double-Base Smokeless Propellant;
Reloading Dies 8x57 Mauser;
Box Of 40 Cal Brass;
Lee Reloader, Primer, Bullet Puller;
Herters 7mm Mauser Sizing And Seating Die Set;
Lee Loader 30 Ma Carbine Pistol Reloader
Lee Loader 38 Special Pistol Reloader
Lee Loader 6.5mm Jap Riflr Reloarer  
Lee Loader 7x57mm Mauser Rifle Reloader
Lee Loader 222 Remington Rifle Reloader  
Lee Reloader 22 Hornet Rifle Reloader 
2 Bxs. (20 Rds.) 6.5 X 58 Portuguese Vergueiro Ammo 
Approx. 200 Rds 45 Auto Brass - Fired Once
Lee Load All 12ga Reloader In Bag   
Rcbs 45-70 Reloading Die W/ Box
Rcbs 6.5 Jap Reloading Die W/ Box
Rcbs .223 Rem Reloading Die W/ Box
cbs .375 Hh Mag Reloading Die W/ Box  
Rcbs .270 Mag Weatherby Reloading Die W/ Box
Rcbs 9mm Luger Reloading Die W/ Box
Rcbs .44 Mag Swc Reloading Die W/ Box
edding Powder Scale    
cbs Model 5-10 Reloading Powder Scale   
Hornady Deluxe Powder Measure W/ Box    
cbs Ammo Master Single Stage Reloading Press W/ Box - Looks Newer
(2) 80rd Boxes .43 Spanish Bullets 
8mm Lebel Die Set
Rcbs 38 S&W Die Set
Pacific Case Trimmer W/ Trim Pilot Guides   
Lee 32 S&W Long/ 32 Colt New Police Reloading Dies
Approx 100 Rds 45 Auto Brass - Fired Once
54 Rds. Remington 7mm Brass - Fired Once
(8) Boxes Of 9mm Brass
Box Of .357 Brass
Home Made Reloading Press

(1) Oterie Flippers;
(1) Voit Flippers;
(1) Snorkal Mask (Possibly Us Divers);

Nortic Trac Skii Trainer;
Challenger Skis
White Bear Water Ski

Left Hand Bearflare Compound Bow - Needs Cable;
Mann Chang Pistol Crossbow W/ Safety Lock With Original Box
Whisper Creek Archery Compund Bow W/ Soft Camo Case
PSE Firestorm Compound Bow W/ Hard Case & Accessories - (13) Bolts, Bag Of Various Tips
Bear Flare II Compound Bow - Needs Work

Johnson Searhorse 9.68 Hp - Long Shaft - Nothing Broken- All Parts - Has Compression;
Mercury 3.9 Hp - Long Shaft - Nothing Broken- All Parts - Has Compression;
Sears 5hp - Long Shaft - Nothing Broken - All Parts - Has Compression;
Bucconeer 3hp Outboard Motor Cut Away Display Unit
Motor Guide 36# 12v Trolling Motor


Black Butt Pack;
Orange Koozie Butt Pack With Bottle;
Camp Trails Camo;
Woodland Net Gloves;
Woodland Camo  Gloves;
Od Shirt;
Od Stocking Cap;
Eddie Bauer Down Pants;
(2) Yards Of Camo Fabric;
Camo Duffle Bag;
White Net Bag;
White Canvas Bag For Snow Hunting;
Ducks Unlimited Carry All;
Shotshell Range Bag;
Woodland Camo Hunting Hoodie;
Woodland Warmer Pad;
Woodland/Orange Hunting Vest;
Brown Camo Hunting Hoodie;
White Hunting Hoodie;
(2) Camo Head Covers;
Camo Net Head Cover;
(2) Styrofoam Dove Decoys
Edge Air Crow Decoy W/ Box
Owl Decoy
Flat W/ Decoy Wts & Line
Betts Call W/ Lanyard
Hammerin Call
Illinois River Goose Call
True Tone Duck Call W/ Pouch
Duck Talk Wood Duck Call W/ Pouch
Avery Super Flag Canadian Goose Decoy
Bag Of Goose Decoys
Bag Of Mallard Decoys
Bag Of Sleeper Mallard Decoys
Bag Of Widgeon Duck Decoys
Bag Of Tangle Free Mallard Decoys
Bag Of Big Foot Motion Bases
Bird Release
(6) Big Foot Motion Bases
Box Of Home Made Snow Goose Sack Decoys
(2) Goose Stake Decoys
Bag Of Green Head Goose Decoys
Standing Goose Decoy
Box Of Wood Duck Decoys
Box Of Feeder Decoys
Box Of Mallard Decoys
Group Of Goose Shell Decoys
Buck Deere Decoy
Mojo Motion Duck
Goose Ground Blind
Pop Up Blind
Bag Of Turkey Decoys
Pop Up Ground Blind
Pigeon Trap
Archery Deer Target
Many Deer Stands & Climbing Sticks

Backpack W/Frames
Blue 1/2 Pack
American Camper Pack
Black Toiletree Camp Bag
(3) Shoulder Bags
Black  Tool Roll
Blue Duffle Camp Bag
(5) Large Brimed Camping Hats
Green Pack Frame With Straps

WW2 Kahai Rusk Sack
Black Wool Navy Sweater
Military Olive Drab Map Cover Bag
Vintage Air Force D1-A Hi Altitude Trousers W/Suspender - W/Crown Spring Lock Zipper
Milirary Snap Pouch
Vintage St. Johnsons Bay Air Force Cold Weather Parka W/Cyotee Fringe Hood
Vietnam Woodland Sweater
(2) Olive Drab Rolly Polly Sweater (Used By Marines And Other Members Of The Military)
(3) Desert Camo Us Air Force Fire Protection Shirts - "USCENTAF" On Right Pockets, Senior Airman, Size M-R
GI Water Bottle Marked "Us"

Leather Bota - Goat Skin; 1930's Glass Lensed Binoculars; Vintage Original Frye Boots, size 10.5, Brown Leather, Perfect Condition, Snow Sealed, Made In USA;
 Flat Of Vintage Firearms Ads In Sleeves; Hoppes Clay Pigeon Thrower; Box Of Various Brass, Colt Pistol Grips & Other Items; Burlap Sack; Box Of Various Firearms Magazines; (2) Pair Camo Pants; (2) Camo Sweatshirts; (2) Life Vests; Flat W/ Gun Rest, Epic Sports Video Cam; Flat W/ Flashlight, Binoculars & Rattle Sticks; Flat Of Miscellaneous Bow Accessories; Crawdad Trap; (2) Styrofoam Bait Buckets; Bow / Gun Rest; Camo Boat Seat; (2) Plastic Battery Boxes; Set Of Horse Shoes & Stakes; Flat Of Black Powder & Winchester Wads; Various Gun Catalogs; Koppes Gun Cleaning Kit W/ Box; Stack Of Gun Digest From 1950's - 1970's; Flat Of Various Hunting Supplies & Gun Parts; Stack Of Outdoor Life & Cabela's Books; (2) Boxes Of Outdoorsman & Native American Books; 37mm Dead Artillery Shell; Bag Of Various Gun Cleaning Rods; Leather Holster & Soft Pistol Case; Pistol Frame & Shotgun Receiver; Rifle Stock; Fishing Tackle Kit; (55) Sets Of Ear Plugs; (4) Long Gun Cases; (2) Soft Pistol Cases; (2) Soft Pistol Cases; Hats & Outdoor Clothing; Duffle Bag Full Of Duffle Bags; American Camper Back Pack; Ducks Unlimited Hunting Bag; Vintage Back Pack; Blue Back Pack; (2) Hunting Lanterns; Safari Hat & Seat Cushion; Box Of Various Camo Items; Camp Trails Back Pack; Back Pack Frame; gun Guard Gray Hard Gun Case; Doskocil Black Hard Gun Case; Gun Rack W/ Clock & Buck Photo; Grouse Picture; (3) Long Gun Cases; Pair Of Size 14 Chest Waders; Firewood Rack; Kerosene Heater; Plastic Boat Oar; Aerial Assult Automatic Trap Thrower; White Wing Automatic Trap Thrower;


50 Rd Box .38-40 Reload Ammo; 293 Rds 7.62x39 Ammo In A Baileys Tin; (3) 50 Rd Boxes Winchester .40 Cal Ammo; (4) 50 Rd Boxes Winchester .40 Cal Ammo; (5) 20rd Boxes .225 Win 50 Grain Ammo - Factory Reloads; (4) 20 Rd Boxes Remington .308 Win Ammo; 41 Rd Box Various .357 Magnum Ammo W/ 9 Brass; (3) Partial Packs Of .50 Cal Black Powder Bullets; (3) Partial Boxes 12ga 2 3/4" Shotgun Shells; Mostly Full 100 Rd Box Sierra .30 Cal 20gr Bullets; Unopened 100 Rd Box Sierra 6mm 60gr Bullets; Box Of Weatherby 20-40 Brass W/ (4) Weatherby 20-40 Reloads; (49) Rds 30-06 Reload Ammo; 50 Rd Box .357 Sig Ammo; (2) 20rd Boxes Western Super X .44 Rem Mag Ammo; (2) 50rd Boxes 25-20 Ammo; 50rd Box Smith & Wesson .45acp Ammo; (2) 50rd Boxes Vintage Western .45 Automatic Ammo; (23) Rds .444 Marlin Ammo; Vintage 50 Rd Box Western 32-20 Winchester Ammo; (2) 50 Rd Boxes Western Xpert .22 LR Ammo & One Mostly Full Box; (2) 50 Rd Boxes Vintage Canuck .25 Stevens Long Ammo; (2) Mostly Full Boxes Federal & Hy-Score .22cb Ammo; (2) 50 Rd Boxes .223 Rem Reload Ammo; 50 Rd Box Winchester Western Super X .38 Automatic Ammo; (2) Boxes .22 WRF Ammo; (4) 50 Rd Boxes Mixed .22 WMR Maxi Mag Ammo; (4) 50 Rd Boxes Mixed .22 WMR Maxi Mag Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo; (5) 50 Rd Boxes Mixed .22 Lr Ammo; (2) 20 Rd Boxes Remington 22-250 Rem Ammo; (3) 20 Rd Boxes Federal .270 Win Ammo; (2) 50 Rd Boxes Vintage Montgomery Wards .22 LR Ammo; 50 Rd Box Remington .41 Rem Mag Semi Wad Cutter Ammo; (2) 20 Rd Boxes .22 LR Ammo; (3) 20 Rd Boxes .22 LR Ammo; 40 Rd Box Remington .25 Automatic Ammo; (2) 50 Rd Boxes Vintage Peters .41 Rem Mag Ammo; (2) 50 Rd Boxes PMC 30 Carbine Target Ammunition; (4) 50 Rd Boxes Hornady Varmint Express .17 HMR Ammo; (4) 50 Rd Boxes Hornady Varmint Express .17 HMR Ammo; (2) 50 Rd Boxes Hornady .17 HMR 17gr V-Max Ammo; (2) Mostly Full 50 Rd Boxes Winchester Super X .41 Rem Mag Ammo; 100 Rd Box CCI CB .22 Short Ammo; (2) 100 Rd Boxes Remington .22 LR Ammo; (5) Mostly Full 25 Rd Boxes 20ga Shotgun Shells; 56 Rds .45 Colt Ammo W/ One Vintage Peters Box; (2) 50 Rd Boxes Vintage Remington .45 Colt Ammo; 50 Rd Box Magtech & Mostly Full Box Winchester Super X .32 S&W Ammo; 15 Rds Federal Premium 20ga 3" Turkey Load Shotgun Shells; Approx. 42 Rds 20ga 2 3/4" Shotgun Shells; (4) 20 Rd Boxes Vintage Western Super X .38 Winchester Special Ammo; 20 Rd Box Winchester 25-35 Win Ammo; 50 Rd Box Precision Cartridge 44/40 Ammo; 50 Rd Box Centurian 5mm Remington Rim Fire Ammo; Mostly Full 50 Rd Box Vintage Western .22 Hornet Ammo; 37 Rds Remington .17 Rem Ammo; 20 Rd Box Vintage Western Super X .30 Remington Autoloading Ammo; 20 Rd Box Vintage Western Super X .220 Swift Ammo; (2) 100 Rd Boxes .17 Rem Reload Ammo; Crossman American Classic Model 1377 .177 Cal Pellet Pistol; Remington Bucket O' Bullets .22 Golden Bullet Rim Fire Hollow Points; (2) 100 Rd Boxes Hornady Interlock 7.62 Cal 123 Grain Sp; (2) 50 Rd Boxes Hornady Hallow Point Bullets .45 Cal 300 Grain; (2) 100 Rd Boxes Hornady A-Max 6.5 Mm 140 Grain; Bulk Lot Of 30 Cal 180 Gr. Btsp, 30 Cal 180 Gr. Round Nose, 30 Cal .308 Dia 85 Gr.; Approx (40) Rds Hornady 7.62 Cal 123 Gr. Ammo; (4) 5 Rd Clips Of 8mm Ammo; Speer 380 Cal 95 Gr. Tmj; 84 Live Rds 7.62 Mm 147 Gr. Ball; Partial Unprimed Case 8mm Mauser; (2) Partial 6.5mm Med. Vel. Only Hallow Point & Spire Point; 1000 Pc. Zapalky Primers 4,4 Sp Boxer; Approx. 75rds 8mm Fmj Bt 198 Gr.; (2) 5 Rd Clips & (5) Loose Rds 7.7mm Jap; (6) 5 Rd Clips 30-06 Various Tips; (2) 10 Rd Clips 7.62 X 39; 22 Live Rds (9) Brass, Federal & Remington 270 Win 30 Gr. Soft Point; 20 Rds Federal 308 Win Match 168 Gr.; (29) Rds (17) Brass 7.7  Jap (308 Soft Point); (50) Rds 6.5 Jap Soft Point; (19) 20 Rds Packages 7.7 Jap (Plus Approx. 20 Loose Rds); Lee-Decapper-F9 6.5 Jap; (100) Rds 12ga Game Loads - 6 Shot; (50) Rds Of 12 Ga Game Loads - 6 & 8 Shot; (98) Rds 12 Ga - 2 & 3 Shot; (67) Rds Of 12 Ga Duck/Pheasant Load - 4 Shot; (25) Remington 20g, 6 Shot, Game Load (4) 20g Slug; (35) Rds Various 2 3/4" 12g Slugs,  (8) 3" 12g Slugs; Bulk  Lot Of 12g Game Loads – Various; Misc. Lot Of 7.7 Jap & 30-06 Spring.; (5) Winchester Super X No. 8 Industrial; (100) Rds Reloaded 44 Mag,  - New Brass (50) Rds 240 Gr. Jhp Nosler; (100) Rds Of 44 Mag 240 Gr. Hp – Reloaded; (236) Rds 44 Cal – Reloaded; (50) Rds .45 Cal Ball M1911; (50) Rds. Western 45 Auto; (50) Rds. Ball "Match" .45 Cal M1911; (50) Rds Ball .45 Cal M1911; (25) Rds 44 Mag Hp; (150) Rds .44 Mag Ammo; (41) Rds Vintage Remington .38 S&W & (29) Rds Various Point .38 S&W; (2) Boxes Of 50 Rds. 38 Spec. & Approx. (35) Loose Rounds .38 Spec.; (187) Rds. 38 Spec. – Reloads; (50) Rds. Federal .38 Spc.; (179) Rds. 25 Auto; (169) Rds. 32 Auto; (25) Rds. 7.65 Mm Browning; (23) Federal 12 Ga 2 3/4" & 3" Slugs; (5) Federal 12 Ga 2 3/4" Truball Low Recoil Rifled Slug; (5) Remington 12ga 2 3/4" Slug; Rottweil 12ga 2 3/4" Slugs; (2) Brenneke 12 Ga 2 3/4" Slug (2) Winchester 12 Ga 2 3/4" Slug; (27) Various 12g Slugs; (25) Rds. Remington 12ga 00 Buck Shot 2 3/4"; (15) Rds. Winchester 12 Ga 3" 4 Buck (5) Rds. Remington 12 Ga 3" 4 Buck; (20) Rds. 31 Cal.; (20) Cartridges Match .30 Cal; (57) Rds. Western Super X  30-06 Springfield; (3) 20 Rd Vintage Boxes Federal & Peters 30-06 Ammo; (32) Rds Western Super X & Winchester 30-06 Ammo & (8) Brass; (2) Ammo Boxes; 31 Rds 8mm Mauser PPU;  (2) Clips For Model 1889 Swiss Schmit Rubin Rifle W/ 6 Original Cartridges; 25 Rds. 8x50 R Lebel Ammo   ; 10 Rds. 44 Short Rimfire Ammo - U Headstamp; 50 Rds. 32/20 Ammo; 25 Rds. 38 Long Rimfire Ammo - U.S Headstamp; 10 Rds. 38long Rimfire Ammo - No Headstamp; 16 Rds. 32 Colt Long Ammo; 22 Rds. Assorted Ammo - 32 Long Rimfire (6), 38 Short (2), 22 Wrf (12), 22 Mag (2); 10 Rds. 44 Short Rimfire Ammo - U Headstamp; 25 Rds. 38 Long Rimfire Ammo - U.S Headstamp; 19 Rds 38 Long Military Ammo - U.S Headstamp; 52 Rds. 30/06 Ammo; 19 Rds. 41 Long Colt Ammo; 26 Rds. 32 S&W Blanks; 25 Rds. Short Rimfire Ammo - Mixed Headstamps; 25 Rds. 38 Long Rimfire Ammo - U Headstamp; 22 Remington Auto Ammo - Full Box; 50 Rds, 44/40 Ammo; 7 Rds. 30 Cal. Titfire - Round Tit; 45 Rds. & 6 Brass 30 Mauser Boxer Primed Ammo    ; 14 Rds. Remington .32 110 Grain Mushroom Bullets; 32 Rds French 7:65 Long (32 Auto Long) Ammo - Steel Case, Full Box; (3) Bxs 6.5 X 54 Mannlicher, Schoenauer - (45 Rds Total); 1903 + 03a3 & Misc. Stripper Clips; 8mm German Stripper Clips; 440 Rds 7.62x54 Russian Ammo - Bulk Lot; Mostly Full 50 Rd Box Vic's 6.5mm Swedish Military Ammo; 9 Rds .276 Cal Ammo In Frankford Arsenal Box; Vintage Ammo Box, Various Brass & (1) Live Rd .348 Ammo - Box Is Remington Umc, 37mm Mk Iii A2 Brass, (4) .348 Brass & A .348 Live Round; Approx 75 Rds 6.5mm Ammo W/ 1920 Head Stamp - Caliber Is Not Guaranteed - That's Our Best Guess; 35 Rds. 32 S&W Blanks; Approx (23) 7.65 Argentine Stripper Clips; 50 Rd Winchester Super X 45 Colt Shells - Cowboy Action Lead Flat Nose; 25 Rd Winchester Aa .410 Target Load Shells - 2.5", 1200 Velocity, 1/2 Oz, 9 Shot; 37 Rds .303 British Cal Ammo - Remington & Winchester; (2) Rds .32 Win Special Ammo; 84 Rds.LC67 Ammo W/ Belt & Canvas Bag; 16 Rds. 38 Long Rim Fires Ammo - U.S Headstamp; (5) 25rd Boxes Remington 12ga #4 Shot Ammo; Vintage Western Super X 12ga #4 Shot Ammo; Vintage Peters 12ga #7 1/2 Shot Ammo; Vintage Hiawatha 12ga #8 Shot Ammo; Vintage Federal 12ga #7 1/2 Shot Ammo; Vintage Hiawatha 12ga #6 Shot Ammo; Vintage Remington 410ga #6 Shot Ammo; (2) 25rd Boxes Remington 12ga #6 Shot Ammo; (2) 20rd Boxes Western Super X .32 Win Special Ammo; (3) 20rd Boxes 30-30 Ammo; (4) 25rd Boxes Federal 12ga Ammo; (6) 25rd Boxes Remington 12ga Ammo; (2) Vintage Boxes Of Western 10ga Ammo; (5) Vintage Boxes Of 12ga Ammo - Remington, Peters & Super X; (4) 25rd Boxes Various 12ga Ammo; (2) Cans Of Various Shotgun Shells & Shot; (3) 25rd Boxes 16ga Ammo; (3) 25rd Boxes 16ga Ammo; (3) Vintage Boxes 16ga Ammo - Remington, Federal & Super X; (2) 25rd Boxes 16ga Slugs; 100rd Shotgun Shell Case W/ Approx (40) Various Shells; (2) Vintage Boxes Of 20ga Ammo - Hawthorn & Hiawatha; (3) Vintage Boxes 20 Ga Ammo - Super X & (2) Peters;  (2) 550rd Boxes Federal .22 Ammo; Various .410 Shells; (4) Boxes 12ga Slugs - Not Full; (3) Boxes 20ga Slugs - Not Full; Small Box Of Various Brass & Bullets; (5) 50rd Boxes Mohawk & Thunderbolt .22lr ; Ammo; Various .22 Ammo; (2) 20rd Boxes .44 Rem Mag Ammo & (11) Other Rounds; (3) Boxes 12ga Slugs - All Boxes Not Full; (2) Boxes 20ga Ammo - 2 3/4" & 3" - Not Full; (2) .44 S&W Special Ammo - Remington & Other; (3) 20rd Boxes Remington 30-30 Ammo; (2) 20rd Boxes Super X 30-30 Ammo & (10) Loose Rds; (4) 25rd Boxes Federal 12ga Ammo - #7 1/2 & #8 Shot; (5) Various Boxes 12ga Ammo - Not All Are Full; Flat Of Meal Heaters & Box Of 20ga Ammo;

Terms: TERMS: Cash or good check. Nothing removed until settled for. Buyers must have proper firearms credentials to purchase firearms. All firearms regulations will be observed. Buyers pay $15 per gun transfer fee. Firearm transfers handled by Sara DePorter, FFL - Aledo, IL. Call (309) 582-6333 for any related questions. Everything sells as-is. Any and all guarantees are between buyer and seller. No liability assumed by auction company for any of the merchandise being sold. ILLINOIS SALES TAX MAY APPLY TO SOME PURCHASES.



Performance Auction Park - 2007 SE 3rd Street, Aledo, IL

Dale Jones
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Bill Boruff



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