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Saturday, June 21st 2014
11:00AM Sharp!

Location: Performance Auction Park
2007 SE 3rd Street - Aledo, IL


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Auctioneers Note: We have a nice line up of firearms and  "Beermobilia" from several sellers and a collection of vintage fishing equipment from Lyle Siegenthaler. Check this web page often as we will add items as we get closer to the auction. Live online bidding will also be available via Proxibid!

New Items Added: 6/20/2014
Over 70 Pictures Added: 6/16/2014 

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SPECIAL MENTION ADDITION: large bronze wild boar statue - look for picture Friday!

Stevens Model 720 12ga 2 3/4" Browning Patent s/n 98060
Winchester 12GA lever action shotgun
Mossberg Model 500 20GA shotgun, pink camo stock s/n U126187
NR Davis & Sons 12GA side by side double bbl, exposed hammers Damascus bbl
EC Green Agents GA Haden, Jacksonville, IL 12GA side by side dbl bbl, engraves receiver
WWII era Philippine Resistance (we think) 24GA shotgun
Stevens  Model 94C .410 GA single shot
Premier Single Shot .22 S, L, & LR
Springfield by J. Stevens Model 94A Long Tom 16GA 2 3/4" shotgun w/ 36" bbl, s/n
Browning A5 12GA Magnum  vent rib, choke tube s/n 05355PW151
Iver Johnson 12GA, solid rib s/n 39062B
Stevens 16GA single shot – missing trigger guard
Remington Model 31 12GA receiver only s/n 36159

Winchester Model 1906 .22 short/long/long rifle s/n 560270B
Springfield model 56 .22 S, L, or LR
Winchester model 60A .22 short
Winchester model 02A .22 short
Springfield Ranger model 83 .22 S, L or LR

Remington 770 30-06 rifle w/ Bushnell 3X9 scope s/n 71371415
Japanese Arisaka 7.7 mm, full mum,  s/n 78073, bolt matches, seller is WWII vet who captured from surrendered Japanese soldiers in the Philippines - sells w/ bayonet, leather pouch w/ 3 full clips plus one clip w/ brass, one clip w/ tracers, oiler & pr of WWII era Japanese binoculars
Weatherby Vanguard .22-250 REM w/ Bushnell scope s/n VS231287
Savage Model 112 .220 Swift w/ BSA Contender scope s/n F3032244
Winchester 1892 WCF 25-20 s/n 869103
Marlin Model 92 .32-20 cal octagon bbl s/n 383041
arlin Model 94 .32-20 cal octagon bbl s/n378821
Winchester Model 1873 .32-20 cal octagon bbl s/n 3152308
Marlin Model 1893 .32-40 octagon bbl s/n 347288
Marlin Model 92 .32 Rim Fire
Marlin Model 39 .22 cal s/n D1752 Ballard rifling
Remington Model 12 .22 s/n 310713
Winchester 1890 .22 Short s/n 338757
Marlin Model 97 .22 cal  octagon bbl s/n 360916
Winchester 1890 .22 Long s/n 299264
Remington Model 12 .22 S, L, LR s/n 723220
Remington Sportsmaster .22 S, L, LR
Winchester Model 1890 .22 WRF s/n 574541
Remington Model 12 CS .22 Rem Special s/n 612425

Old Double Barrel black powder, exposed hammers
Knight 52 cal DISC Extreme Black Powder w/ scope, Realtree stock s/n S001427

High Standard Sentinel Deluxe R-107 .22 cal 9 shot pistol w/ leather case s/n 2068779
Dreyse 9mm Semi Auto pistol Rheinmetall ABT Sommerda s/n 225524
FIE Model E15 ,22cal LR s/n E710671
H&R .38 S&W CTGE s/n 442630

old Winchester 10GA miniature cannon
Savage Model 24S 20 GA / 22 Magnum O/U combo s/n E408256, lg chip out of stock

Crossman Phantom pellet gun w/ scope - IN BOX - LIKE NEW
pump pellet gun
Daisy Model 177 pellet pistol

German 17" bayonet w/ knife edge, saw edge & scabbard
Fn-J 10" bayonet w/ scabbard
15" Japanese bayonet w/ scabbard s/n 31259

(2) 100 round boxes CCI CB .22 shorts
500 rounds Hansen Cartridge Co .22 LR Target
Remington Bucket of Golden Bullets High Velocity .22 LR  (approx 225 rounds)
(7) Winchester 50 round boxes .22 Magnum
(400) rounds .22 Long
50 round box Western Super X .22Long
(25) 100 round bags of various  .22 LR
(20) 100 round bags of .22LR hollow points
50 round box Winchester .22LR hollow points
(20) 100 round bags of .22 shorts
(5) various brand  50 round boxes .22 shorts
(4) 50 round boxes Winchester Super X .22LR
50 round box Remington .22LR Sub Sonics
50 round box Sears Ted Williams .22 LR
(2) 50 round boxes Federal .22LR
25 round box Federal .410 3" #4 shot
25 round box Winchester Super X .410 2 1/2" 7 1/2 shot paper shells
25 round box Hiawatha Airway 12GA 2 3/4" #6 shot
25 round box Winchester 12GA 2 3/4" #8 shot
(2) 50 round boxes Winchester .25 auto 50 grain Target Full Metal Jacket
54 rounds Winchester Super X .41 REM MAG
(10) 50 round boxes Eley ,17 Mach 2 ammo
(10) 50 round boxes Winchester Super X .22 LR #12 shot High Velocity
(2) 20 round boxes Winchester .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum
(5) 20 round boxes 7.62X39mm center fire ammo made to military specs
Box of (20) Brown Bear .223 Rem 55 Grain Bimetal HP Boat Tail Bullets
Box of (20) WPA Polyformance .223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ steel case
Box of (20) Winchester Supreme .300 Win Mag 190 Gr Silvertip Boat Tail  bullets

FIREARMS ACCESSORIES: 3 sets of pistol grips; Mossberg S330 gun site; Williams 5D gun site; 1 pkg Winchester chokes; Beretta Model 92 9mm slide - NEW; Beretta Model 92 9mm slide - slightly used; AR15 upper - NEW; Lohman Site Vise

Bushnell Elite 3200 5X15X40 scope w/ Leupold rings
BSA Sweet 243 3X10X44 scope - NIB
Bushnell Trophy 3X9X40 scope - NIB
Bushnell 3X9X32 scope
Weaver K8-1 target scope
BSA Panther 3.5X10X50 scope NIB
impoint electronic Mark III scope
Target Sports Red/Green Dot Sight #TARDAB
Target Sports Red/Green Dot Sight #TARDAS
Jason Model 266F Empire 7X35 binoculars

Coca Cola Chest Type Cooler (no lid or refrigeration equipment)(great restoration project);
(2) 81mm used mortar shells
SI 17994 1 mortar shell

Winchester 30-30 carbine rifle shipping crate (wood)
Western Super X 12 ga slug wood ammo box
Western 12ga 2 3/4"  wood ammo box

(2) Victor D-9-R Mallard drake & hen decoys (sell as a pair)
General Fibre owl decoy
General Fibre Canvasback drake decoy

Uncle Henry 7" #167 fillet knife
Uncle Henry 5" #168 fillet knife
US Navy fighting knife
M. Cortez knife w/ leather holster;
folding machete w/ 10" blade

vintage Federal Ammunition metal sign (duck identification)
(2) US Army leather holsters w/ belts
blow horn
United States Army coffee mug made w/ 75mm shell & .50 cal handle
old gun cleaning rods

ARCHERY: Browning left handed compound bow w/ 6 aluminum & 6 carbon arrows;


VINTAGE FISHING REELS: Bronson Falcon 170; (2) Great Lakes # S30; Sport King Mod 22; Kalamazoo Tackle Co Atlas 1708; Great Lakes S-30 w/ red Bakelite; Game Getter Mod V-7325; (2) Pflueger Trump #1943; South Bend Ore-O-Matic Balanced Reel #1140 Mod B; Abbey & Imbrie Lake Side; Hiawatha #6526; South Bend Anti Back Lash #1000 w/ box & yellow Bakelite; Ocean City 90 Automatic fly reel; South Bend Smooth Cast 780; Hibbard Husky mod B; South Bend Anti Backlash 400 mod D; South Bend Anti Backlash 450 mod E; South Bend Anti Backlash 1250 mod E; Sheldon Reel Sport SD-500; South Bend Anti Backlash 1000 mod G; Game Getter V-7325; South Bend Smooth Cast direct drive 740; South Bend Level Winding 550-C; South Bend 55 mod D; South bend Anti Backlash 450 mod E; South Bend Perfectorino 760 mod A; South Bend Anti Backlash 400 mod C; Langley Lake Cast 350; South Bend 30 mod D; Shakespeare True Blue 1956; Ocean City 1610; Simmons Keen Kaster SKK; JC Higgins 537-3101; JC Higgins 400; Ocean City 1800; JC Higgins; JC Higgins 312-3104 mod 46-A; JC Higgins 537-3101; JC Higgins 537.3105; JC Higgins 537.31010; Wards Sport King 60-6326 mod 60 w/ brown marble Bakelite; Bronson Fleet Wing 2475; Shakespeare Wondereel 1920 mod GE w/ Box; Bronson Flyer 2450; JC Higgins 300; Bronson Fleet Wing 2475; Shakespeare Wondereel Direct Drive 1921D mod FM; JC Higgins 537-3101;  Shakespeare Criterion 1960 mod GE; Shakespeare Wondereel 1920 mod FK; JC Higgins 400; Shakespeare Deuce 1905 mod FE; Wards Sport King 60-6328 mod 8A; Ocean City 970; Shakespeare True Blue 1956 mod GE; Shakespeare Marhoff 1964 mod G; Shakespeare Leader 1909 mod FD; Shakespeare Acme 1904 mod FG; Langley Stream Lite; Hawthorne Monospool Reel w/ box & red Bakelite handle; Penn Peer 209 w/ red Bakelite handle; Johnson Century 100 American Type w/ box & instructions; Shakespeare Wondercast 1776 box only; Ocean City 1581 w/ box & instructions; Great Lakes Mod G box only; Langley Lake Cast 350; Ocean City 925 Topsail w/ box & black & green Bakelite handles; ; Shakespeare 1926 Direct Drive box only; Ocean City 970 w/ white/grey marbled Bakelite handle;

VINTAGE FISHING RODS: St. Coix "Double Power" w/ Garcia Automatic 770 reel; St Croix Carboloy w/ Zebco 733 "The Hawg" reel; Berkley Para/Metric; GEP-ROD; Shakespeare fiber glass; Sears Solid Fiber Glass Boat/Spinning med action 311.40216 w/ Garcia Mitchell 622 reel; Zebco 4018 5 ft med action w/ Zebco 202 reel; Shakespeare Alpha Graflite 6ft 1560-2M w/ Johnson Tangle Free 10 reel; Angler Rod Co; South Bend square metal rod; Wright & McGill Eagle Claw Ram Rod #RR-5ft; Shakespeare Wonderod spiral rod; Kodiak Corp  fiber glass 3110-UL 5ft; True Temper metal rod; Great Lakes wood grain rod; Daiwa Jupiter CC45 8ft fly rod w/ Danco S-88 reel; Great Lakes P-6; South Bend 496966; metal rod w/ Bronson Meteor 1400 reel; True Temper Speed Lock; True Temper metal rod w/ vintage reel; Fenwick Sensitivity 6ft med action rod w/ Daiwa Silver Cast 215RL reel;  Shakespeare Wonderod 1439 8ft; Lew's speed Stick 6-158HOBB w/ reel;  several other clear fiberglass rods; several old cane poles;

MISCELLANEOUS: (2) Rapala collector mugs w/ lures - NIB; (2) first aid kits w/metal boxes; Rubber maid tackle box;


tin Blue Moon sign 30"W 24.5"H
tin Coors Light  NASCAR sign 34.5"W 17"H
tin Killian's Irish Red 29.5:W 14"H
tin Miller Lite Taste Freedom Harley Davidson sign 32"W 11"H NIP
plastic Drewerys  - 1980 - small break in the bottom 13"W 15.5"H
framed Miller Lite Summer 2008 105th Anniversary Harley Davidson mirrored graphic
tin Miller Lite throw back 2014 embossed sign 18"W 24"H
1994 plastic Pepsi Cola reverse painted on glass framed clock 19.5"W 14.5"H
plastic Pepsi menu board w/ some letters - small chip on bottom of frame 44"W 18"H
tin Coca Cola 1998 Gas Station scene tray 17.5"W 12.5"H
tin Coca Cola 1999 Gas Station scene tray 17.5W 12.5"H
tin Miller Lite "It's It And That's That" sign 36"W 32"H
Stroh's framed mirror clock 13.5"W 19.5"H
Seagram's Vodka framed mirrored clock 11.5"W 19.5"H
1981 Pabst Blue Ribbon illuminated lighted sign 17.5"W 21"H - works

Sept. 11, 1986
Busch Beer w/ horses light/clock cash register display 11"W 11"H
Coors beer faux neon '80's vintage lighted sign 25.5"W 15.5"H
Stroh's Beer lighted nautical scene '70's vintage lighted sign 20"W 18"H
NEW old stock NIP Old Style bar top service caddy 14.5"L 3"H 6.75"W
Budweiser Clydesdale encased lighted clock 17"W 16"H
Miller Lite baseball & bat tapper handle
Swearingen family crest framed 14.5"W 17.5"H
1998 Budweiser beer stein Limited Edition Christmas
2001 Budweiser Holiday Stein "Holiday at The Capital" - NIB
1996 Budweiser Holiday Stein "American Homestead" - NIB
Budweiser Daytona 500 2004 Dale Jr. statue
Budweiser Dale Sr. statue
1994 Budweiser Bill Elliot NASCAR tool box coin bank NIB
2001 Revell Dale Earnhardt Jr Preview die cast test car in display case NIB 1/24
'50's vintage Overland Express tin litho steam locomotive - made by Modern Toys
Budweiser Wally Dallenbach 1999 die cast NASCAR  1/24 NIB
Ertl American Muscle Bill Elliot 1993 Thunderbird 1/18 NIB
Budweiser Kenny Schrader die cast semi 1995 w/ display case limited edition 1054/2500  1/32 scale?
1991 Budweiser "The Season's Best" Christmas stein
1985 "A" Series Budweiser "The Tradition Continues" Clydesdales
large German appearing relief beer stein
'80's vintage Budweiser Clydesdales stein
2005 Budweiser Dale Earnhardt JR. die cast Kenworth semi 1/64 NIB
2000 Budweiser Millennium Party Center die cast semi 1/64
1992 Budweiser Bill Elliott 1/32  semi - die cast tractor, plastic trailer
1994 Budweiser Bill Elliott Dually w/ Show Trailer 1/64 NIB
Stroh's mirrored framed oval beer sign 21"W 19"H
Colt 45 plastic lighted sign 18"W 12"H

Aug 6, 1971
Stag lighted beer sign 24"W 18"H
Oct 6, 1980 Miller High Life "It's Miller Time" lighted beer sign 25"W 11.5"H
2004 Chicago Bears Miller Lite chalk board sign 17"W 23"H
Miller High Life 1991 lighted poker table light w/ NFL helmets 20" square 12"H
'70's vintage Budweiser lighted guitar sign 41.5"W 15"H
'80's vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon barrel end sign 14" diameter
Amstel Light PGA bar back mirror 41"W 29"H
Hamm's "Born in the Land of Sky Blue Water" lighted sign w/ motion water fall picture; cabin/bar front style wood frame   19X34
Bud Light Neon
                                  19.5 X 27
Budweiser Bow Tie Neon
                 17 X 29
Bud Pizza
  Neon                                 16 X 24                       (needs repair)
Pabst Blue Ribbon Neon
                    18 X 21.5
Miller Genuine Draft On Tap Neon
    18 X 23
Miller Lite
  (round) Neon                   20" diameter                (right edge needs repaired)
Coors Light Neon
                              16 X 25.5
Bud Light Neon
                                  8 X 29                         (not working)
Miller Lite On Tap Neon
                    16 X 21
(2) Budweiser Sconces
                       12 X 17 each
Heileman's Old Style Light Outside Sign
      50 X 62 (worked when taken down)

Terms: TERMS: Cash or good check. Nothing removed until settled for. Buyers must have proper firearms credentials to purchase firearms. All firearms regulations will be observed. Buyers pay $10 per gun transfer fee. Firearm transfers handled by Roger’s Guns& Ammo - Aledo, IL. Call (309) 582-2187 for any related questions. Everything sells as-is. Any and all guarantees are between buyer and seller. No liability assumed by auction company for any of the merchandise being sold. ILLINOIS SALES TAX MAY APPLY TO SOME PURCHASES.



Performance Auction Park - 2007 SE 3rd Street, Aledo, IL

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